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Higher education plays a vital role in shaping the lives and careers of millions of individuals around the world. It is an essential stepping stone towards achieving personal and professional goals and is often seen as a prerequisite for success in today's competitive job market.
Higher education encompasses a wide range of academic programs, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, professional certifications and vocational training.
This uniRank section contains a list of university guides and articles that can explore various aspects of this critical field, including the concept and importance of higher education, insights into the student experience and strategies for achieving academic and career success.
Whether you are a student or simply interested in the concept of higher education, these articles offer valuable insights into this ever-evolving field.
Allow the witty Uncle Albert to introduce you to the vast and relative universe of higher education.

What is higher education?

by uniRank Team, 13/Mar/2023

What is meant by higher or tertiary education? Higher education refers to education beyond the high school level, typically including undergraduate and graduate studies. It involves a range of institutions, including colleges, universities, vocational… read more

Is higher education important?

by uniRank Team, 14/Mar/2023

Is higher education worth it? Is higher education a good investment? Is higher education overrated? These might be some questions that come to your mind while considering whether to embark on further studies, which might be challenging and possibly… read more

What is a University?

by uniRank Team, 17/Mar/2023

What is the meaning of university? A University is an institution of higher learning that provides academic education and research opportunities at the post-secondary level. It is a place where students can pursue degrees in various fields of study, from… read more

College vs. University: what is the difference? Is a university the same as a college? In the United States the terms "college" and "university" are often used interchangeably but there are some specific differences between universities and colleges that… read more

Where is higher education free?

by uniRank Team, 25/Mar/2023

In which countries is higher education free? There are several countries where higher education is free or heavily subsidized by the government. According to uniRank, they are mainly located in Europe and mostly in countries with a strong and… read more

Free vs Paid University Education

by uniRank Team, 25/Mar/2023

Is free University a good idea? Does free college work? Should higher education be free to all? These are a few questions students, academics and governments around the world have been asking to a great extent.
The debate on whether higher education… read more

What are University Rankings?

by uniRank Team, 31/Mar/2023

What are exactly College or University Rankings? Are university rankings accurate and reliable? Is there a perfect university ranking? Do university rankings have an influence? These are some hotly debated questions that our team at uniRank will try to… read more

What are the most popular global University Rankings? What are their ranking coverage, methodology, strengths and weaknesses? These are some interesting questions that our team at uniRank will try to give an answer with the following 2023 short guide and… read more

What is University legal Recognition and how does it differ from Accreditation? How important is University legal Recognition and Accreditation? What types of Accreditation exist? How do I know if a university is officially recognized or accredited in… read more

What are University affiliations and memberships? What types of organizations do universities affiliate with? How are affiliations and memberships important to universities and students? uniRank tries to answer these questions in the following… read more

Are social media important for universities? What about for prospective students? Social media can be indeed a powerful tool for universities to communicate with current students, alumni, faculty, staff and the wider community. But it can also be an… read more

What are generalist and specialized Universities? What are some examples of generalist and specialized Universities? How do they differ in terms of the range of offering and academic and career paths? What are their pros and cons? These are the… read more

University tuition fees play an important role in shaping higher education accessibility and affordability worldwide. For many students and their families, understanding the complexities of tuition and education costs and available financial aid can be… read more

Introduction to University Admissions

by uniRank Team, 29/Jul/2023

University admissions are an important process that determines the acceptance of students into higher education institutions. It involves various factors and policies that vary across different countries and universities. In this article, uniRank will… read more

Choosing the right university is a crucial decision that significantly impacts a student's academic journey and future career. Two important factors to consider are university size indicators and profile identifiers. These factors play a key role in… read more

Guide to University Facilities

by uniRank Team, 31/Jul/2023

What are University Facilities? University facilities are the physical spaces and resources that universities provide to their students, faculty, and staff. These facilities are designed to support the academic, social, and personal needs of the… read more

Guide to University Services

by uniRank Team, 31/Jul/2023

University services are the services provided by universities to their students beside the core mission of teaching at the higher education level. These services can include everything from academic support to health and wellness services. uniRank… read more

What are university programs, courses and degrees? It seems like an easy question to answer, but navigating the landscape of higher education can be a complex task, especially when it comes to understanding the terminology associated with these… read more

This uniRank article aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of the different academic divisions that universities commonly employ. By delving into the distinct roles and functions of colleges, faculties, schools, institutes, academies,… read more

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